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Signal Bridge

Users on this server have the possibility to send messages to users on Signal.

As Signal needs a phone number, you also need a phone number to use this bridge.

Signal will not know your Matrix account.

Your phone number will be connected to your asra.gr account on this server.

Open a direct message with @signal:asra.gr. This DM will be used to manage everything regarding Signal from now on, so keep it open.

The next step depends if you already have Signal or not.

If you already have a signal account, send link to @signal:asra.gr, you will receive an QR code which you have to scan with the Signal app. Then you're ready.

If you're new to Signal, you need to register an account. To do so, you also need a captcha token.

To get the token, open https://signalcaptchas.org/registration/generate.html, solve the captcha and you will be redirected to something like signalcaptcha://aSdFgH.... Everything after the / is the token you need, in this example aSdFgH…. For more infos, see also https://signald.org/articles/captcha/

To register your phone number, now send it together with the captcha token to the direct message with @signal:asra.gr:

register --captcha aSdFgH... +12234567

Type pm +432123456 in the management chat. You will be invited to a new direct message, which is connected to your Signal contact.

If you want to use Signal for secure communication, you shouldn't use this bridge. See also https://gitlab.com/signald/signald/-/issues/101

This bridge is meant to keep contact with users who don't want to use Matrix for what reason ever.

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