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 ===== Getting started ===== ===== Getting started =====
 +Open a direct message with @signal:asra.gr. This DM will be used to manage everything regarding Signal from now on, so keep it open.
-  - open a direct message with @signal:asra.gr +The next step depends if you already have Signal or not
-    If you already have a signal account, type **link** and scan the QR code with the Signal app+ 
 +==== Signal already installed ==== 
 +If you already have a signal account, send **link** to @signal:asra.gr, you will receive an QR code which you have to scan with the Signal app. Then you're ready. 
 +==== New to Signal ==== 
 +If you're new to Signal, you need to register an account. To do so, you also need a captcha token. 
 +To get the token, open [[https://signalcaptchas.org/registration/generate.html]], solve the captcha and you will be redirected to something like [[signalcaptcha://aSdFgH...|signalcaptcha://aSdFgH...]]. Everything after the / is the token you need, in this example **aSdFgH...**. For more infos, see also [[https://signald.org/articles/captcha/]] 
 +To register your phone number, now send it together with the captcha token to the direct message with @signal:asra.gr: 
 +register --captcha aSdFgH... +12234567 
 +===== Send Messages ===== 
 +Type **pm +432123456** in the management chat. You will be invited to a new direct message, which is connected to your Signal contact. 
 +===== Security Considerations ===== 
 +If you want to use Signal for secure communication, you shouldn't use this bridge. See also [[https://gitlab.com/signald/signald/-/issues/101]] 
 +This bridge is meant to keep contact with users who don't want to use Matrix for what reason ever. 
 +===== Known Problems ===== 
 +  * Signal messages from foreign numbers sometimes don't appear. Workaround: Send them a message at first, then it works in both directions 
 +  * Stickers sometimes don't work
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